Curt Reynolds
As both a producer and DJ, Curt Reynolds is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the leaders of the next wave of dance music from the West Coast United States. Hailing from Los Angeles, Curt unites audiences from all over the world with his euphoric energy and soul infused powerfully dynamic productions of deep and melodic house.

A “DJ's DJ”, he skillfully plays the groove to your emotions, both on the dance floor and in his music. His modern approach draws influence and tribute to the classics of house music, confidently bridging the gap between accessible and underground and gaining him support from some of the biggest heads in the field. Although his following is accumulating swiftly, in light of recent releases on labels such as Astralwerks, Atlantic, Do Not Duplicate, and Enhanced Records, he never strays too far from his underground roots and the core of what is house music. Curt Reynolds has a humble passion to make you feel -- his music and live performances take you on a journey that transcend the physical spirit into a world of release and positive freedom.

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